Here's Board Aid back before Alan left last year:

MTVeeeee : The MTV Board AID name is going to be GuestsMTV...which will include a full roster of participants in this years Board AID.. GuestsMTV : Hi everybody. All the guests will by using this screename GuestsMTV : And we'll let you know who they are. GuestsMTV : Right now we're here with Scott Ian from Anthrax, and more guests will be stopping by in a little bit. GuestsMTV : So send your questions our way. GuestsMTV : Scott: I'm sitting here eating a Wahoo's fish burrito, GuestsMTV : and I'm totally ignorant to being online. I don't even own a computer. So I'm a virgin. GuestsMTV : Scott: We're going in the studio in May to start recording our album. GuestsMTV : Scott: It's called Stomp 442. I'll be out in October. MTVeeeee : Q and Z: Question : Do you Worship the Devil? GuestsMTV : Scott: I've never actually met the devil, so I don't know if he'd be worthy of being GuestsMTV : Scott: worshipped. Altho, I do know some guys in other bands that are really good friends with him. MTVixen : BoardAid is a Snowboarding event held by the Lifebeat organization. Aids awareness is the message. MTVeeeee : Ninja 71: Question : Scott, did you snowboard? GuestsMTV : Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode will be here in just a minute. Get your questions ready. GuestsMTV : Scott: Yes, I snowboard. I have for 3 years. GuestsMTV : Scott: And I go off! Just kidding. MTVeeeee : Sharkeybo: Question : Where did you get the name Antrax? GuestsMTV : Scott: I learned about the disease Anthrax in biology class in high school. GuestsMTV : Scott: So if I learned anything in school, it's how to name my band. MTVeeeee : Wes79: Question : Is anthrax planing a tour any time soon? Or at least playing some shows in the near Question : future? GuestsMTV : Scott: We just played the Board Aid benefit on Sunday at the Palladium in LA.. MTVixen : BoardAid, at Snow Summit, Big Bear, CA. Musicians and snowboarders are at this 2nd annual event. GuestsMTV : Scott: It went really well. As far as other shows, I'll probably be after our album comes out in the fall. MTVeeeee : Rarecat: Question : Scott, When and where is this event? GuestsMTV : Scott: Sorry, it's happening as we speak. We're at Snow Summit Ski Resort in Big Bear, Cal. MTVixen : There's a BoardAid folder on the main MTV online screen, w/info and photos and soundbytes. MTVeeeee : Ninja 71: Question : Hey scott, remember when you were on Married with children? MTVeeeee : Scott from Anthrax is the GuestsMTV right now... MTVeeeee : Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode will be up next GuestsMTV : Scott: Yes, I remember it very fondly. GuestsMTV : Scott: It was one of the most fun weeks in recent memory. Ed O'Neill rules. MTVeeeee : Butnuggit: Question : scott were your real voices used on the beavis and butthead cd? you rule you kick as* GuestsMTV : Scott: Thank you. Yes, it was our real voices. Charlie, John & I went into the studio with GuestsMTV : Scott: Mike Judge and recorded about 2 hours worth of conversation between us and B&B. G uestsMTV : Scott: It was hilarious. I have a tape of outtakes of B&B using profanity. MTVeeeee : Q and Z: Question : Who would win a fight between you and Metallica? GuestsMTV : Scott: We would kick their asses up & down the street. GuestsMTV : Scott: It would be no contest. And especially because Biohazard has our back. GuestsMTV: Bobby from Biohazard is here. Get your questions ready. MTVeeeee: Gra sun: Question: how was acting on Married With Children. GuestsMTV: Scott: I just answered that. MTVeeeee: H00PITUP2: Question: HEY SCOTT CAN I HAVE SOME OF YOUR BURRITO?? MTVixen: BOARD AID has two primary and equal goals: to raise money for teenagers living with AIDS,... MTVixen: and to educate teens about the dangers of AIDS and how to avoid contracting the virus. GuestsMTV: Scott: Not unless you want me to be like Matt "the Tube" Crowley, otherwise known as GuestsMTV: Scott: The Regurgitator in the Jim Rose Circus. GuestsMTV: Bobby: Today I was discriminated against. GuestsMTV: bobby: Because I used the f word onstage. MTVixen: We have Scott from Anthrax, and Bobby from Biohazard here now, live on the mountain... MTVixen: The mountain-top festival also includes pro snowboarding demos, educational booths,... GuestsMTV: Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode is here. Throw him some questions. MTVixen: and music- and snowboard-industry raffles with prizes like gold records, ... GuestsMTV: Scott and Bobby are still here. MTVeeeee: Rebwaxy: Question: did a lot of people show up? GuestsMTV: Danny Boy from House of Pain is here too. Ask away! MTVeeeee: H00PITUP2: Question: SCOTT WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO????WHAT BANDS GuestsMTV: Scott GuestsMTV: Scott: Lots of stuff that's really agressive, really hard, stuff that makes me move, like GuestsMTV: Scott: House of Pain, Slayer, Quicksand, Black Sabbath, Public Enemy, to name a few. GuestsMTV: Dave: I got roped into doing this. I'm just having fun. We're just quiet at the moment, GuestsMTV: Dave: I'm good, I'm healthy, I've just been in rehab for awhile, I've got like 40 days. GuestsMTV: Dave: This is the first time I've really been out to anything in while. GuestsMTV: Dave: I have a really good time, skied, came up with the wife & a few friends. GuestsMTV: Dave: Didn't know if I could still ski, but I had a really good time. I've got the flu, but I had a GuestsMTV: good time. I'm going to England in April, I'll see the guys from the band, we'll talk then about MTVeeeee: Now onstage is Scott-Anthraz, Dave-Depeche Mode, Bobby-Biohazard, and Danny Boy- GuestsMTV: the future. But I haven't spoken to them in awhile. MTVeeeee: House of Pain MTVeeeee: GrandAlep: Question: What was it like playing with Public Enemy? GuestsMTV: Scott: It was the best tour I've ever done. The most fun I've ever had on tour. MTVeeeee: GreenDay6: Question: What was your favorite group as a teen? GuestsMTV: Danny Boy: Bad Brains GuestsMTV: Scott: KISS GuestsMTV: Dave: Stones GuestsMTV: Dave: Now I like Mazzy Star GuestsMTV: Dave: And Howard Stern in the morning. MTVixen: Thom1765 Question: How was this year's Board AID compared to last year? GuestsMTV: Danny Boy: Huge. Bigger, better, faster. GuestsMTV: Dave: Much more organized. GuestsMTV: Bobby: There was a lot of beef! GuestsMTV: Scott: Everything was one a much larger scale this year. It kinda makes me think that next year GuestsMTV: Scott: it's gonna outgrow this mountain. MTVeeeee: Editor112: Question: Bobbie, Did you meet Jeff Brushie? GuestsMTV: Bobby: Not yet. MTVixen: Could you guys describe what's happening there a little? GuestsMTV: Bobby: But I respect all snowboarding crazy people. GuestsMTV: Bobby: Whatever. P.S. I can't curse, so. MTVeeeee: Question from MTVixen: MTVixen: Could you guys describe what's happening there a little? GuestsMTV: Dave: Everyone's snowboarding and skiing. It's good fun. I'm glad I came. GuestsMTV: Scott: There's lots of people milling around doing a lot fo nothing right now. GuestsMTV: Dave: it's expensive for the ski tickets. GuestsMTV: Dave: It's different, there's so many kids into it. It's really cool. GuestsMTV: Scott: It's the end of the day now, so everyone's just kinda hanging around drinking. GuestsMTV: Dave: Any Porno for Pyros are playing right now. MTVeeeee: Ninja 71: Question: Bobby are you the one with the tatoo in your mouth, did it hurt? GuestsMTV: Bobby: Yo, Billy has the tattoo first. I just got mine 3 weeks ago and mine's better. GuestsMTV: Bobby: It hurt a lot. I would love to do it again. GuestsMTV: Bobby: Get one in your lip. GuestsMTV: Bobby: Trust me. MTVixen: TURAMBAR Question: Question for Bobby/Biohazard: I was one of the Seattle cops backstage at the show Question: here...what did you do with all those women who kept asking me to get into your bus???? GuestsMTV: Bobby: What do you think. MTVixen: Thom1765 Question: How was the boarding today? GuestsMTV: Scott: Crowded. GuestsMTV: Danny: It was fun. I went huge. GuestsMTV: Dave: I skiied. MTVeeeee: Bobby-Biohazard, Scott-Anthrax, Dave-Depeche Mode, and Danny-House of Pain are onstage MTVixen: ZaNeCrAzY Question: To:DAnnyBOY ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A NEW CD GuestsMTV: Danny: ya, we're in the studio right now working on the 3rd album. MTVeeeee: Wdstock94: Question: Danny Boy, do you like the other members of House of Pain, and I love your guys music!!!! GuestsMTV: Danny: I'll die for em. MTVixen: C Wag Question: Why don't you guys all have a fist-fight and tell us who wins (dies, etc.) GuestsMTV: Scott: Why don't you take that question and stick it up your butt. MTVeeeee: KEnsey358: Question: Does Dave like to snowboard? GuestsMTV: Dave: I'm gonna try it tomorrow. MTVeeeee: Gra sun: Question: are you guys getting paid to do this? GuestsMTV: Scott: What do you think? GuestsMTV: Dave: No. I come up here for fun. MTVixen: Sarason Question: DANNYBOY:IS IT TRUE YOU WENT TO HIGHSCHOOL IN SOUTH CENTRAL, THE SAME ONE AS ICE CUBE? MTVeeeee: Dave-Depeche Mode, Scott-Anthrax, Bobby-Biohazard, Danny-House of Pain are all onstage MTVeeeee: from the mountain GuestsMTV: Danny's away for just a minute. We're still here with Scott and Dave. MTVeeeee: TURAMBAR: Question: Is Depeche Mode really french for "we're wussies", like Beavis & Butthead say??? GuestsMTV: Dave: We were doing some gigs and we didn't have a name. I was in college and a magazine that was GuestsMTV: Dave: just sittin there. So that just became our name. GuestsMTV: Dave: They got pissed off at first and tried to sue us. Then we got a bit more successful than the GuestsMTV: Dave: magazine, so they liked us. MTVeeeee: Onstage is Dave from Depeche Mode, Scott from Anthrax and Bobby from Biohazard MTVixen: Thom1765 Question: Do any of you guys know someone with AIDS? GuestsMTV: Scott: I know two people that died of AIDS. GuestsMTV: Dave: A friend of mine died of AIDS. He fought with it for a long while, had his fill. He went off GuestsMTV: Dave: all the drugs and tried to do it the healthy way. Then he got tuberculosis and died. MTVeeeee: H00PITUP2: Question: HEY SCOTT WOULD YOU EVER MIX THE CLASH BETWEEN RAP AND METAL IN YOUR MUSIC??? GuestsMTV: Scott: We've done it many times. MTVeeeee: Homerboyer: Question: Bobby, what was it like touring with Pantera, and do Scott and Dave like Pantera? GuestsMTV: Bobby's not here anymore. Scott says he likes Pantera. GuestsMTV: We're still here with Scott and Dave. MTVixen: RABID GOA Question: Why do you call yourselves Biohazard????????/ GuestsMTV: Bobby's gone. GuestsMTV: Scott and Dave are here. GuestsMTV: Scott's going to head out. Anybody got a question for him before he takes off. MTVeeeee: Thom1765: Question: Can you guys hear Porno for Pyros? Hows the new stuff? GuestsMTV: Dave: Vaguely. I'd like to go check em out. GuestsMTV: Okay, Scott's gotta go. MTVeeeee: Kensey358: Question: Dave, tell me what are the hottest bands out today. Please GuestsMTV: Dave: I really like Soundgarden, I think they've gotten better and better. GuestsMTV: Dave: Mazzy Star. I've been in rehab, so I haven't been out listening to any music. GuestsMTV: Dave: But I'm much better now. MTVeeeee: Droog 007: Question: Does KMFDM really mean kill m.f. Depeche Mode? GuestsMTV: Dave: Apparently not, but we thought it was for a while. We got people saying that for a long while MTVixen: Dave from Depeche Mode is onstage, live from BoardAid snoboarding event supporting AIDS awareness GuestsMTV: Dave: but I think that's crap. MTVeeeee: RNR96: Question: DAve, When are you guys planning to tour again? GuestsMTV: Dave: Not for awhile. We haven't even talked about going on the road again. We did 18 months of GuestsMTV: Dave: the last tour and it really burned us out. We haven't even taked about our next recrod. GuestsMTV: Dave: It's been 15 years of being together and everybody just needs a break. GuestsMTV: Dave: I think we'll get back together, but at the moment everybody's happy just having a bit of GuestsMTV: Dave: private time. MTVixen: JWKEEFE Question: Where do you guys live? GuestsMTV: Dave: I live in LA and London, spending time between both places. MTVeeeee: Dave from Depeche Mode is onstage, from Board AID in California Question: Is this the coolest thing you've ever done for charity? GuestsMTV: Dave: I've done things for young kid with cancer. There's a charity in London that's involved with GuestsMTV: Dave: terminally ill kids. Their courage is amazing to watch. There's a lot of stuff done for AIDs, GuestsMTV: Dave: which is great, but so many more people get killed of cancer. They need money, research. GuestsMTV: Dave: It's nice to be able to do something like that, you know. MTVeeeee: Lithoid: Question: has anyone heard anything about a clash reunion? rumors are flying here in new jersey. GuestsMTV: Dave's gonna head out. MTVixen: Shaman64 Question: We hope you stay healthy Dave. GuestsMTV: Now we've got Billy from Biohazard. Any questions? GuestsMTV: Billy: We're here. The weather's amazing, boarding's amazing, music's amazing, and the GuestsMTV: billy is amazing. It's just amazing. MTVeeeee: Viper8: Question: how is the snow in Colorado? GuestsMTV: I'm typing for Billy, and I messed up. He meant the cause is amazing (not Billy's amazing) Even tho he GuestsMTV: is. GuestsMTV: We've in California. MTVixen: JayRollin Question: Is it true that Slash is going on tour with you guys? GuestsMTV: Billy: Biohazard? Not that I know of. MTVeeeee: LiainCALI: Biohazard, do you consider yourselves thrash or alt? GuestsMTV: Billy: I consider us Biohazard. GuestsMTV: Billy: We don't limit ourselves to calling outselves one type of music. We're fans GuestsMTV: Billy : of all types of music, and we keep and open mind with everything. Politically, musically, GuestsMTV: Billy: lyrically. MTVixen: SSteph521 Question: What is the coolest thing about being a musician? GuestsMTV: Billy: Meeting new people, making new friends like my friend Tina. GuestsMTV: Billy: And getting to snowboard often. MTVixen: Billy from Biohazard is in the pit, live from BoardAid, Snow Summit, CA. Copyright 1995 MTV Licensed to America Online, Inc.

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