Whoa, just a chock-full 'o trivial stuff!

Lysette Anthony August 30, 1995: Question: What was it like being in a Depeche Mode video? LysetteA: That was great fun. Well done you for noticing. Though I was nearly set on fire. Question: What motivated you to do the video for Depeche Mode? LysetteA: My ex-cousin-in-law directed it. He asked me! And it was great fun. ----------------------- hhahahahaha...set on fire?? The video wasn't mentioned...probably I Feel You or In Your Room oooh...maybe it was Condemnation?? Anyone know?
1/17/94 Jeremy Wells' fav artist is dM.
June 17, J. from White Zombie: CSEMCEE8: We're talking to J. from White Zombie. Question: What do you think of KROQ? KROQ LVE: I like it, I wish I didn't have to hear Depeche Mode all the time. I like it when they play really sick, bad new wave songs from the '80s. It's obvious for a healthy happy life that you need to hear Dexy's Midnight Runners every day. [laughs]
1/10/94 Richard Blade of KROQ: KROQ XMAS: Hmmmm ... Top 3 [live]: Depeche Mode, Sting and [at the moment] STP. Question: What ever happened to Morrissey? KROQ XMAS: Damn good question ... He disconnected his fax machine and refuses to talk to his record company or his new manager. We tried to get him for tonight but there's no way to reach him.
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