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Warning : It's pretty psycho...not a lot of good info!

OnlineHost      We will begin in just a few minutes. Stay and meet
                Depeche Mode!

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                your patience.

OnlineHost      We will begin as soon as our guests are able to get
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Joan IV         lu

Joan IV         Folks, I am sorry but I can not get our guests back
                in Center Stage unless someone leaves and no one else
                comes in.

RJScott V       Please bear with us folks. We're trying to get
                Depeche Mode back into Center Stage.

RJScott V       We currently have 296 guests present with 203
                questions pending.

RJScott V       Great being a successful group, ain't it?

Joan IV         Sure is!

RJScott V       Please bear with us. We're attempting to get Depeche
                Mode (David Kim, typist) back into Center Stage.

RJScott V       Our apologies for the technical difficulties.

RJScott V       Please bear with us folks. We're attempting to get
                Depeche Mode (David Kim, typist) back into Center

RJScott V       Stage.

Joan IV         The members of Depeche Mode are all with David Kim
                and are trying to get back on line.

RJScott V       Folks, we're experiencing a bit of technical
                difficulties between New York City and America Online

RJScott V       headquarters. Please bear with us.

RJScott V       I'm on the phone with David now.

RJScott V       David asked me to type for him.

Question        Why didn't you play old songs at the Philly Show and
                why do you still use recorded tracks

Question        in live performances?

RJScott V       Trying to get an answer. Again, our apologies.

RJScott V       Marting speaking:

RJScott V       We did play some of the old songs.

RJScott V       But the old songs really don't fit in with the new
                ones. Those we played were updated

RJScott V       versions. The old songs were updated to suit the feel
                of the new ones.

RJScott V       The answer to part two: Not everything is on tape. We
                try to play as

RJScott V       much live as possible.

RJScott V       Next, from Raptus, this question:

Question        How is this new tour going to differ from the
                VIOLATOR tour??  Who's opening up?

RJScott V       Answering is Alan:

RJScott V       Well we HAVE Depeche Mode back!

RJScott V       Welcome!

Joan IV         YEAH!

Joan IV         Welcome!

Joan IV         Oh, no there they go again.

RJScott V       Margaret is answering:

RJScott V       It's different in quite a lot of ways. More
                instruments used. I'm on drums.

RJScott V       We are using a lot of Antoine Corbin fill.

RJScott V       That's a large part of the show.

RJScott V       It's more of an overall concept than we ever had

RJScott V       Antoine is taking more of a visual control of the
                whole thing.

RJScott V       Folks, I'm turning the event back over to Depeche
                Mode now.

D Mode          Andy: we're in New York at the moment

Question        how do we talk to the band?
Joan IV         Send your questions via the ASK A QUESTION feature on
                the menu.

D Mode          Viva Lee

Joan IV         That question was for Mr. Gore and was what did you
                name your baby girl.

D Mode          Martin: Viva Lee

Question        When your here in Southern California, what do you
                like to do?

D Mode          Andy: Soak up the sun

Question        Is your music influenced at all by American Indian
                music or other primitive music?

D Mode          Band: No Not really.  Andy: Try Gary Glitter

Question        Do you guys ever plan on doing some work with other
                groups or other individual singers?

D Mode          Martin: We don't have any other plans at the moment
                except the tour.  Andy: We're just concentrating o

D Mode          on the tour.

Question        How old are all the members of Depeche Mode?

D Mode          Band Very Early 30's, Dave: And Dave's the youngest

Question        I was at the DC show, and was very let down that you
                did not play One Caress.  Why?  Also

Question        I want to go to the Hampton show, will you play it

D Mode          Martin: we only play the song when we do multiple
                nights in a city, and we won't be playing it in

D Mode          hampton

Question        I saw you at San Diego Sports Arean and Dodger
                Stadium, do you guys pick the places where

Question        you preform?  Stadium Shows are to large in my
                opinion.  This year your at the Forum, I think

Question        this is a better venue.

D Mode          Alan: it's a collective decision between ourselves
                and our agent.  Dave: we look at every rider.

Joan IV         Here's a HI and comment from a fan.

Comment         Hey DM!  How's the tour coming along?  I can't wait
                to see you guys when you're down here

Comment         in Miami.

D Mode          Martin: no not really, I still like to be locked
                away, to be isolated if you like, handcuffed

Question        Good evening.  Calling from Tucson, AZ...and not
                quite sure if this works, but what's your

Question        favorite song on the

D Mode          Andy: I Feel You  Alan and Dave: In your room, but it
                changes.  Live its really good.

D Mode          Martin: don't have one at the moment

Question        I love how you manipulate everyday sounds into the
                samples you use in your music.  What

Question        programs or processes d

OnlineHost      do you use.

Joan IV         The rest of that question is you use to "mess
                up" your samples?

D Mode          Alan: We use cubase software to sequence our music,
                and usually use an Akai s1100 to sample

D Mode          many of our sounds

D Mode          which are often derived from live performance.

OnlineHost      What will be your next video?

D Mode          Martin: we don't know yet. we don't know what the
                next single will be.

D Mode          Dave: i think the next single should be in your room.
                What do you think?

Question        How does working in a studio like the one in Spain,
                rather than a dedicated studio, help

Question        you?

D Mode          Dave: Better clubs.  We can stay out until 8:00am

Joan IV         LoriP21 just wants to say

Comment         hello DM...great to have you...

Question        I could'nt get tickets this year, but I've seen four
                of your other shows over the years.

Question        Why are you only doing one show in NJ?  You do have a
                lot of fans here in NJ.

D Mode          Martin: we're already playing extensively in this

Question        Why have your latest releases not been as "club
                oriented" as your previous ones...this has

Question        always been your roots, where you know you have a
                dedicated audience.

D Mode          Martin: The songs don't lend themselves to that sort
                of treatment.

Question        Marty..My wife wants to know if you're an Anne Rice

D Mode          Martin: No, not really.

D Mode          Sorry we have to go, we appologize for the
                unfortunate technical problems which limited our time

D Mode          answer questions.

Joan IV         Thank you so much Dave and all the members of Depeche
                Mode!  We hope you will be able to come back again

D Mode          Good night all.

Joan IV         I am sorry we just don't have time for all the
                questions.  You have been a great audience!

OnlineHost      Our thanks to emcee Joan IV and your host, David
                Kim ("D Mode"), your typist for the rock group
                Depeche Mode for a fascinating look into their
                career. Be sure to watch the archives area, keyword
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                of tonight's event that offers you a permanent
                record of tonight's event. Thanks and good night!

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