Depeche Mode

Summer 1994 Concert

24 May, 1994, Park West, Utah. This show truly left me unimpressed. There-- I said it. I've been wondering for DAYS how to start off this review. And now I've finally said it! The music was good, but the entire feel of the Mode was lost. I guess I can begin by explaining that Andy Fletcher isn't part of the tour this time around (which is no big surprise to people following DM). It wasn't the LACK of Fletch that ruined the show for me, but it was a lot of things connected with is absence. Daryl Bamonte, the one-time stage hand that replaces Fletch, does little if anything on stage. I would be shocked to know that he touched anywhere near 20 keys during any given song. Fletch did more than that.

Also, all of the graphics were the exact same as the first leg of the tour. What? Is the band running out of money and can't afford any changes? Using the visuals for "Walking in My Shoes" from last time for "Walking in My Shoes" this time is alright, but using the visuals from last year's "A Question of Lust" for this year's "I Want You Now" is cutting things a little cheap. Even worse is all the images of Fletch left in the videos! They knew Fletch wasn't going to be with the show at least early enough to cut him out of the visuals! They shouldn't have put Daryl in the graphics, nor should they have left pictures of Fletch at a keyboard.

Three things make the tour is great. Martin sings "Condemnation", "I Want You Now", and "Somebody". For die-hard Mode fans, slight modifications to "Condemnation" and a brand new version of "I Want You Now" will make the worthwhile to see. During Somebody, the stage has Mart singing and Alan playing a (modified) grand piano.

Jeff Jolley
© 1994, Rational Alternative Digital