Warped Tour '96

As I stood in line for the Warped Tour '96, I could feel the adrenaline surging through everyone's body and knew right away that this was going to be an awesome show. There were a lot of cool bands such as Goldfinger, CIV, Peenywise, NoFX and Fishbone, but I was there to see Deftones--A totally rad punk band quickly gaining popularity with only one album out and two hit songs - "7 Words", and "Bored." They were definitely one of the tightest bands there. The mosh pit was raging, with even the Deftones' lead singer stage- diving into the massive pit they created.

After their performance I hopped back stage to hang out for a while. As I approached the band, their motley look struck fear into my soul. I wasn't sure they would give me the time of day, but as I got chatting with them--much to my surprise--they were the coolest bunch of bro's I'd ever talked to. Chino, the lead singer, and the Stephen Carpenter, the guitarist, even went around to the side of the stage and signed a few autographs which was cool.

Deftones started as a garage band in Sacramento, California. Their friendship began with Chino Moreno, and Chi Cheng, the bassist and Stephen Carpenter when they were eleven years old. And now after seven years of playing together as Deftones, they are one of trickest bands around. If you ever get the chance to go see Deftones don't pass it up. They put on a kickin' show, and go get the CD - it rules. They also have a song called "Teething", on "The Crow-Angels in the City" Soundtrack which is killer. So basically, the Deftones rule altogether.

Daniel Nappi
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