Cocteau Twins

Four Calendar Cafe Tour

With her personal feedback system strapped to her neck, Elizabeth Fraser takes the stage (and the show) by storm. Well, she doesn't actually rush the stage, or even acts as if she owns the damn thing. But everyone in the audience is there to hear her and only her. Some might have been there to listen to Robin on the Guitar, but he had so many problems that he hardly ever played. He just stood there with his personal roadie tuning different guitars the whole night. And nobody came expecting two live drummers to blow them completely away.

That's pretty much the latest Cocteau Twins show. If you haven't seen them on their Four Calendar Cafe tour, you probably won't be able to see them until their next album comes out.

Since Robin spent most of his time not playing, it was smart for them to also bring along two additional guitarists (besides Simon Raymonde on bass). The two drummers and two additional guitarists all worked with Cocteau Twins on their latest album, and some of them have worked with the Twins since Heaven or Las Vegas. The sound was stupendous--I couldn't believe the sounds they cranked out of their guitars. Liz put a new twist into every song. Especially enjoyable were "Carolyn's Fingers" and "Iceblink Luck."

Jeff Jolley
© 1994, Rational Alternative Digital