Summer 1994 Concert

Danny Elfman and crew, once known as Oingo Boingo, return to the (non-soundtrack) music scene under the name "Boingo". The self- titled LP combines a lot of the old Oingo style, with a lot of the talent that Mr. Elfman developed during his movie soundtracking days (which continue on).

Boingo recently invited RAD to one of their shows. It was quite good. Some people at the show felt that the show was a lot slower than Oingo Boingo shows used to be. For example, they used sampled horns on all of their old classics, like "Dead Mans Party" and "Only a Lad."

Although the show was a little limp at places, nothing could take away from the style of Boingo on stage. Danny was in rare form. He was so smooth, it seems like he could have played with both hands behind his back. They work together on stage like few other bands, and that seemed to release the energy of the crowd as much as the fanfare of an Oingo show.

If you have a chance to see them this summer, do it (but don't expect Oingo). Before the show they have 100 flaming skydiving orangutans PLUS fresh breast milk! And it's interesting to see Danny with blue hair. During the concert they said several times that they wanted to come back and to a more energetic show at a smaller, closer venue, so that would be nice for Oingo Boingo fans. They did perform four unreleased tracks, "Clowns of Death," "Piggies," "Burn me up," and "Kiss my ass."

Jeff Jolley
© 1994, Rational Alternative Digital