You Am I

Live Down Under with Man or Astro-Man

You Am I have always been one of Australia's best live acts, and after the commercial success of 'Berlin Chair' and 'Cathy's Clown', it seemed inevitable that a big crowd of indeed all ages would turn up at the Adelaide University Bar. And did. But up first, American so called 'surf guitar' (whatever that means) band Man or Astro-Man. However, while some may it call it surf guitar, I call it noise. Indeed it seemed a somewhat strange compliment to the thundering rhythms of You Am I, but while the music itself may not have won over too many new fans, it was evident that the band themselves (Coco et al) did, with entertaining 'rock star' banter and a strong stage presence.

Myself?, I was not too fussed with Man or Astro-Man?(ie take it or leave it), they aren't really my kind of music, but the show was kinda interesting anyway. However, You Am I, is my sort of music, and apparently a hell of a lot of other peoples'. The 'all ages' of other peoples'. The 'all ages' people were really jumping, and moshing was getting a bit ridiculous, with some loser half killing me before the show had even started. Hmmmm. This in effect predicted the rest of the show, with the first 8 or so rows leaping about.

This kinda pissed me off a bit, as I got pushed back further and further and gradually lost sight of the band. However for the most part, Tim Rogers (lead singer/guitarist), seemed enthusiastic and energetic with trademark windmill arms and a lot of radiated power. By the end of the gig, there were a lotta happy kids, with a great (though I thought somewhat short) set being played. Conclusion? Go see You Am I for a great live performance, I like non all ages gigs, but hey that's up to you.

Jon Soong
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital