The Violent Femmes

Spring 1995 Tour

Trying to talk to The Violent Femmes is not that easy. The opening band has been touring with them for awhile and told me a few things about the Femmes. One thing I did find out is the Femmes never do sound checks before they go on stage - they usually show up about 30 minutes before they go on and just do it.

I did have the chance to talk to Brian Ritchie. Brian told me a story about the picture on the backside of the album "The Blind Leading The Naked." The baby in this picture is Brian Ritchie's son who is now nine years old, and yes, those are real fish and they smelled. His son is going to join them when they go to Japan.

After talking to him, I found out that he has three solo albums apart from the band. His albums are very hard to get a hold of because the record company apparently went out of business. Scary huh? If you would like to get them, they are "The Blend," "Sonic Temyou would like to get them, they are "The Blend," "Sonic Temple" and "Court Of Babylon" on the SST label.

They are touring to support their album, "Add It Up," a greatest hits album. They are no longer on Elektra because a few key people in the company ended up quitting. The Femmes themselves had a little dispute with the label and as a result, they are no longer with them. If The Violent Femmes are in your town, catch the show. They are excellent live!

James Bonisteel
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital