The Rentals

Salt Lake's own Clover opened the show with their own brand of Toad the Wet Sprocket music. This is a group of very talented musicians who look like famous people (the lead singer is a cross between Adam Sandler and Helen Hunt, the bassist looks like that one John from They Might Be Giants) but play very uninteresting music.

The Rentals this evening kicked much ass--more than Weezer ever could. At one point, Matt said "there's nothing left to say 'cept 'it's time to jump up and down.'" It was a night for jumping, acting stupid, and enjoying oneself. Before the show I was disappointed that Petra Haden from that dog (who played on the album) had been replaced for the tour, but her replacement, although she didn't play the fiddle, performed like a star. I don't know who she is but she does some fierce karate kicks. Cherielynn Westrich is unbelievably attractive and a fantastic singer.

Between songs Matt Sharp said he and Cherielynn "kicked the shit" ouand Cherielynn "kicked the shit" out of Jim and Pat at pool, so it seems that she is, truly, multi talented.

Even though the album is pretty great, the Rentals sound better live. There's a lot of energy in their stage presence; they're a group of kids just having a lot of fun, not worrying about people buying their album or conflicts with the rest of the band. Maybe because they're not really a band struggling to make themselves famous they can just relax and be stupid.

As an intro to "Friends of P" Matt sings a few lines from "You Are Not Alone" from the seminal Michael Jackson. Just put "If you're down with P" in place of the title and you can sing it at home. Although Matt won't say, my guess is that friends of P are also friends of Dionne Warwick and Latoya Jackson, the psychic friends. Even the over-hyped single sounded good tonight.

They played everything they know, all the songs from the album plus the "Friends of P" b side. They do a great job.

Dave Robbins

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