Lords of Acid

Spring 1995 Tour

You are commanded to worship at the feet of the Lords of Acid. For the first time in many years, the Lords are finally touring and doing live shows. RAD got the opportunity to talk with the Shai de la Luna and Lady Galore. Unfortunately, the tape was mysteriously erased, and we are not sure how - a probable storyline for the next X Files. But I'll do my best to sum up the highlights of talking to both of them.

Shai is the keyboardist and male vocalist for the group. He's Belgian as is the rest of the group except for Lady Galore (she's British). He says that every venue they've played in the US has enthusiastically welcomed them with open arms. He's amazed by the response at all of their shows. We asked him why they haven't played live before and he said that the original Lords band were more studio musicians and they hated to tour. Then the new set of musicians came in about '91 and they perform live as well as record. Their latest release, VOODO-U, adeir latest release, VOODO-U, addresses topics like sex and drugs. Shai feels that doing drugs is okay as long as you do it in moderation and not like their song, "Blowing up your Mind," depicts.

Lady Galore walked into the room, and she spoke easily to us. She is incredibly funny and warm. She got her name because at one time she was in a really bad British band called Pussy Galore (not the famous one) and they all dressed like Bond Girls. She said it was quite the lark. We asked her what her turn-ons are: a romantic man (especially if he dresses in a tux), a bag of crips, and a tramp (meaning trampoline). In her free time, she likes to jump on a tramp to the music of the Prodigy. She has also been amazed by the reception they have received in the States. But she is disappointed that no men have thrown their underwear on stage. She prefers Calvins, so if you would like her to bestow a favored glance upon you, then get yours on stage!!! When asked about the album, she says that they deal with subjects that most people find offensive, like sex and drugs. She even had some minister dude call her and ask her why she likes to sing such offensive material, and she easily put him in his place.

Shai and Lady Galore were very accommodating in talking to us, and I only wish that you could have heard every minute. But the LORDS may be coming to a town near you. They mentioned that they might tour the States again in the summer. If they the summer. If they come, GO!!!!! Their show is outrageous, entertaining, and wild. People have fun while worshipping with the LORDS.

The Lords are touring with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult later this summer-ed.

Su Chon
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