Catherine Wheel/Belly

1995 Fall Tour

Believe it or not, Logan, Utah, recently hosted one of the best concerts in history. It's pretty hard to go wrong with this line up by itself, but USU made something good incredible. The security was friendly and easygoing. I saw one security guy stretch out on the floor in the aisle during Belly's set. The cops didn't act like they were convinced that everyone in the place had their pockets stuffed with drugs and guns. Kudos to USU, you made the trip very worthwhile.

Catherine Wheel opened with the grinding first track from Happy Days, "God Inside My Head" and set the mood for the evening. From the new album they played "Little Muscle," "Heal" (for a friend of theirs who was not in the best of health), "Shocking," "Judy Staring at the Sun" (with Tanya Donelly), "Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck" (a song about doing what you want to do, since your young life is so precious) which was emblazoned on the backgroun was emblazoned on the background screen throughout their set, and the single "Waydown" (about a bad day on an aeroplane). From Chrome the set included "Kill Rhythm" (about killing your best friend), "Crank," "Show me Mary" (Rob gave the audience a choice between this one and "Chrome"; the Mary fans yelled loudest), "The Nude," and an aching acoustic version of "Pain" that caused more healing than hurt. From Ferment they played "I Want to Touch You", and of course, a brilliant, completely rearranged version of "Black Metallic" with some new lyrics and a lot of power.

Little Tanya Donelly rocks pretty hard herself with Belly. They did great versions of "Superconnected" and "Feed the Tree" and an evil sounding acoustic "Judas My Heart." Their stage set was covered with multi-colored lava lamps that looked really cool in the dark.

If the Wheel and the Belly are coming through your town anytime soon, make sure you get to see them. You'll hate yourself if you miss this one.

Dave Robbins
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital