Various Artists, "Shades of Perth Volume II"

Way down under, about half way 'round the world for many (but not all) of the readers of RAD, lies a land known as "Double-yu Eye." In this land it is hard to find anything but deserts on land, and salt-water croc- and shark-infested waters at sea. But the one jewel of Western Oz is Perth, a beautiful city of the shores of the Indian Ocean. From this city comes a jewel in a jewel case, "Sounds of Perth Volume II." Don't ask about volume I, I don't know. But I presume that the man to ask about more info on either volume I or II is Richard Mortimer, ( the resident Internet Guru (who's musical work can be found on Sounds of Perth Volume II). Of particular musical interest on this CD are the following:

Jeff Jolley

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