Pop Will Eat Itself

Dos Dedos Mis Amigos on Nothing Records

Pop Will Eat Itself has finally returned. Their new album is better than anything they've released so far. Could it be the influence of Nothing Records? The newbie, Fuzz Townshend, on Drums? They seem to have simply built upon their experience and combined new styles to produce what is one of 1994's greatest new releases.

PWEI released their EP "Amalgamation" earlier this summer. Coming soon, their new full length album, Dos Dedos mis Amigos features Clint Mansell, Graham Charles Crabb, Adam Mole, Richard March and (of course) Fuzz Townshend on drums. Dos Dedos mis Amigos continues PWEI's eclectic style of fusing elements of noise, trance, rave, rock with electronics into a tapestry of funk and groove that's hard-edged, defies comparison and invites spectacle.

The first single, "R.S.V.P.," (containing remixes by Fluke) went to #1 on both Music Week's and Melody Maker's Independent Singles charts. "R.S.V.P." may be good (a little repetitive), but "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" is absolutely outstanding. Not only does it have a driving rhythm, but the lyrics blare against racism and any form of discrimination. It's both musically and politically correct.

Expect PWEI to tour this fall...Their live show is always more than anyone ever bargains for, leaving audiences exhausted, excited, energized, and just plain spent.

Jeff Jolley
© 1994, Rational Alternative Digital