His Name Is Alive

Universal Frequencies

The long awaited 4th album Stars on ESP will soon be out, but Warren Defever has decided to whet out appetites with this brilliant 4 song ep. Included is a retouched version of "Summer" (by Defever and Ian Masters from Pale Saints and Spoonfed Hybrid) from the Shaving the Pavement sampler. The first song is called "Beech Boys"; it rips off every groove and riff the Boys ever used, and yet sounds bizarrely beautiful. "Legs" is a crawling, acoustic flavored poem about love and housework. Of course, the characteristic Defever noises are all there. the last track "Mine" starts out slow and minor, but transforms several times into things like a rockabilly song, a distortion showcase, then a sampled gospel choir from Appalacia. All the weirdness is here, along with the hissing, static-drenched vocals from tracks like "Library Girl" and "The Time It Takes Falling Bodies To Light."

Fans of HNIA will be in ectasy. This is great stuff.

Dave Robbins

© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital