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The X-Files "Songs in the Key of X"

First, let's cut through the X-shit. Yes, there is too much commercialization of everything in the U-S of A. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy the "Friends" soundtrack or many of the other "milk-genX-for-every-penny" CDs that have been produced in the last two or three years. But I have to give four thumbs up to a fine Warner Brothers' compilation called "Songs in the Key of X: Music from and inspired by the X Files." Two of the most secret underdogs of this CD haunt tracks 10 and 11. The artists in question being Danzig and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Of course, how could Danzig sin on such a compilation as the X-Files. I've loved Glenn's voice ever since I first heard the Misfits nearly 10 years ago. Danzig's incredible voice is counterbalanced on this collection by that of Screamin' Jay Hawkins, who in his own way adds to the Pliki-X theme. If you've never heard of Screamin' Jay, it would be worth getting the CD just to hear him yap about his "Frenzy."

Disappointments? There are a few. Namely, the duos forere are a few. Namely, the duos formed for this occasion: Elvis Costello with Brian Eno and Rob Zombie with Alice Cooper. Costello/Eno disappoint simply because (and I may be wrong since I was never a music major) I don't believe the track "My Dark Life" was actually written in the key of X. What I mean is that it's a bit too soft and light when compared to the other cuts. The problem with Zombie/Cooper is simple: I have nothing to do with ANYTHING that shit-for-brains (Mister-Fuckin'-Top-Of-The-World) Rob Zombie is associated with. If anyone out there wants one reason NOT to purchase the X Files CD, it's because of Rob. (Too bad he didn't take on the name of Richard Zombie.) The third duo on this CD pairs William S. Burroughs & R.E.M. Some people may take this or leave it-- they may think that WSB tries to be too hip, but as far as I'm concerned, how could the man overdo anything. Especially on "Songs in the Key of X," Burroughs pulls off a fine performance.

Overall, I'd give this CD high marks. OK, so what if the ONLY TV show I watch is the X-Files. I like this CD. Many songs on the CD are original and truly inspired by the cult TV show. Two final points to sway your purchase--this CD was co-produced by Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files and it has 3 cool hidden tracks. Email RAD for more info, if you need help.

Jeff Jolley
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital