Paul Westerberg


I have to put Paul Westerberg right up there with Lou Reed. At one time both men were the epitome of cutting-edge rock and hitting the very limits of lyrical themes. Paul nearly ruled the world when he lead the Replacements. The only problem was that the world didn't realize Paul's role, but the Replacements definitely influenced a lot of bands. After parting ways from his former band, Paul released a fairly decent album "14 Songs" in 1993, but it was nothing to write your mother about.

"Eventually" takes up where "14 Songs" left off. It clearly moves Paul into the mainstream, musically speaking. "These are the Days" has straight-forward chord progressions--it sounds like it could be the backing track to a Ford commercial. The first single, "Love Untold," sounds like a combination of John Mellencamp and Bryan Adams. The most redeeming quality of all 12 songs is Paul's guitar work--it's as moving now as it ever has been. Unfortunately, the songs don't draw you in more than any other top-40 songs of any week.

Jeff Jolley
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