Wayne Kramer

"The Hard Stuff" on Epitaph Records

The MC5's lead guitarist "Brother" Wayne Kramer released his latest soulful work on the Epitaph Records release of "The Hard Stuff." It would have been very hard to start of the review of "The Hard Stuff" with anything other than "MC5." Not only did the MC5 influence such "first-generation" punk bands as Black Flag, the Clash, The Dead Boys, and the Ramones, but they have had direct influence on today's punk bands like Bad Religion, Claw Hammer, Operation Ivy, Pennywise, Rancid, Syster Goddamn, and more. Now, that's enough of a Kramer bio, lets get to "The Hard Stuff...."

Epitaph Records kicks off 1995 with a kick-ass release of Wayne Kramer's "The Hard Stuff." This soulful release of energy is addictive and thrilling. Don't buy this album expecting Green Day, or Face to Face, or some punk like that, this is an entirely new form of punk--no a new form of music. No! that's all wrong! It's a return to the roots of blues itself. However you want to classify it piece of art, it doesn't matter. This is a man, a guitar, and some serious shit. Do yourself a favor, pick up what will be known as one of the best releases of the '90's, get the latest from "Brother Wayne," get "The Hard Stuff."

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital
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