Total Chaos

"Patriotic Shock" on Epitaph Records

Punk is alive, and Total Chaos is showing the way. These guys believe that punk is not just music, but a whole philosophy and a way of life. It's not a dress code - it's an attitude. If you're into punk because of Green Day and this is just another fad for you, then stay the hell away from this album!

Their latest release from Epitaph, "Patriotic Shock," is angry, loud, and demanding to be heard. Their British influences are strongly felt throughout the album. The revolution is here and TC is advocating change. Their songs are always highly political, and they send out strong messages against poseurs, racists, and apathy: "End of White Supremacy," "Kill the Nazi," "Punk No Die." In "Kill the Nazi," they believe that if Nazis are going to use force against gender and race, well then we should be able to use that same force against them. A little taste of their own medicine. TC is not afraid to let you know how they feel. My personal favorite - "Non Conformist." These guys are great - they actually believe in the things that they write about. These guys are welcome at my house anytime!

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