Super Junky Monkey

"Scew Up"

Super Junky Monkey is supposed to be the "hottest export" from Japan these days. One thing is certain: you won't get bored listening to "Screw Up." Super Junky Monkey is a female foursome that has meat-grinder, hard core punk, thrash, 70's stadium rock, funk, and hip-hop into what can be uniquely identified as "their sound."

One second I'm listening to track 3 (since it's name is in Japanese, I can only call it "track 3") thinking, "Primus," and the next thing I know I'm catapulted into this anthem-rock, Blue Oyster Cult-type sound. At other times, the music resembles Red Hot Chili Peppers or James Brown, and sometimes it doesn't resemble anything at all (which is really nice in this music world of "let's try to sound like so-and-so" bands popping up all over the place).

There are two things which distinguish Super Junky Monkey. One is that (most of) lyrics are in Japanese, which really adds to the listenablity of the CD. If you don't realize this fact right away, you'll sit there wondering what the fuck is going on. The second is that they never stray too far from their jazz-funk fusion roots. This, too, adds to one's enjoyment of "Screw Up." At times it appears that there is no reasoning behind what is going on, but the underriding funkiness brings it all together again.

Super Junky Monkey will be an album for discriminating tastes. They appear to be all the rage in funk-metal circles. Sometimes the simply defy classification, which is what I find so interesting and appealing in their music. You may really like it (but listen to it at the store first).

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital
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