The Stone Roses

"Second Coming"

In biblical text, the Second Coming (of Jesus) is preceded by a host of false prophets that are concerned mostly with deception and stealing your well-earned money. This "Second Coming" has been no different. Other bands from the U.K. tried to ride the coattails of the Stone Roses debut album and have succeeded in some part to convince people of the relevance (Oasis and The Adorable come to mind). Well, Ian Brown and Co. have handedly overcome their foes with their second release in what has been an eternity. The first track, "Breaking into Heaven", lulls you into thinking that the entrance into heaven will be a peaceful journey into the eternities. This ends abruptly after the initial four and one-half minutes when you realize that entering the pearly gates will be accomplished with a battering ram of sorts. The Roses more than make up for the long awaited sophomoric effort with two very different pieces of music. "Your Star Will Shine" reminds one of a plissed-out hootenanny while just two t-out hootenanny while just two tracks later the Roses will make even the most awkward, two-left footed listener run to the nearest open space to dance and frolic. Of course, the Stone Roses are not sin-free, as they have included a ninetieth track that is preceded by prolonged silence. Though irritating, the Stone Roses make it worth the wait with an unexpected pleasant tune. It is time for those who have been lead astray to ask the Stone Roses for forgiveness and make themselves worthy of the Second Coming.

© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital