"The one voted most likely to succeed" on Epitaph Records

They sound like most Southern California bands, but they're from Canada. SNFU's latest offering is chaotic. They bombard you with driving guitars and intense drums. Sometimes I feel like I'm thrown back into a hard rock/metal era. Their music has that quality where it reminds you of bands, but you can't quite place the name. I'm not saying that this sucks, it doesn't, but I don't find it as interesting as some of Epitaph's other releases. "Drunk on a Bike" is the only tune that I liked on the whole album.


Well, I disagree with you. SNFU has an interesting sound. They have the ability to rock one minute with major punk and hardcore influences showing through and then they can slow down and do a bluesy section which surprises the listener who thinks that he/she is getting another SoCal punk band sound. In "My Mold Collection," SNFU slows down the pace and plays a good bluesy segment, and then just when the listener isn't expecting it, they rip into a punk/hardcore riff that blows the listener off his fat ass.

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