Ren and Stimpy's "Radio Daze"

As a huge fan of the brilliant comic duo of Renaldo Hoek and Stimpson Kadoogan it pains me to say that this one is trash. The Ren and Stimpy show is a place to turn for truly tasteless crap--stuff you always wanted to see animated as a kid. When I watch the Ren and Stimpy show now, I realize that I wouldn't have understood half this stuff as a kid.

This Radio Daze thing is the opposite of Ren and Stimpy. It's bland, inoffensive, boring, uninventive, and completely uninteresting. This is something kids could show their parents to assure them that Ren and Stimpy are a-okay. They don't talk about varicose veins, farts, boogers, cosmetic surgery, ethnic stereotypes, underwear, or anything that has made me laugh as I've watched the show. It's a good thing the show is better than this because if Ren and Stimpy were like this, they would be no more.

Wade Chamberlain
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital