Various Artists, "PUNK-O-RAMA" on Epitaph Records

Come on, guys. You've been reading RAD Cyberzine long enough to know what we're going to say about this one. Why even read further. Hello?!! Whether you're a punker or not, you HAVE to get this CD. Simply put, it's a sampler of some of today's finest punk and truly "alternative" music. "Punk-o-rama" has got them all--the Offspring, Rancid, Pennywise, NOFX (go Fat Mike!), Total Chaos, Gas Huffer, SNFU, Ten Foot Pole, Down By Law, RKL, Wayne Kramer, and (of course) Bad Religion. It samples the cutting edge of punk over the last few years. It has stuff like Wayne Kramer's post-pre- post-punk "Crack in the Universe", classic Bad Religion, classic Offspring, some unreleased Rancid, and some basically cool crap.

Do you find yourself asking, "Who the HELL is _ _ _ _?" (fill in one of the bands we mentioned above)? Then get "Punk-O-Rama." Do you pretty much know who these bands are? Then why the hell don't you have it already?

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital