Oingo Boingo


Live, from the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California, it's the LAST Halloween performance of Oingo Boingo! Didn't have a chance to see this show or even their farewell tour? Then you'll definitely want to get "Farewell" by one of the greatest performing bands of the last 20 years. On "Farewell" are 4 unreleased songs, "Clowns of Death", "Burn Me Up", "Water", and "Piggies". Danny assured me back in '94 that these songs were going to be released on a future album, it's just sad that they had to come posthumously.

It's a fact that Danny Elfman and pals are the alternative to the Grateful Dead. Gen-X'ers paste their Volkswagens with Boingo stickers and (used to) live for their concerts. Oingo Boingo swear that this was the last concert ever, but let's hope that's not true. Until we hear otherwise, get "Farewell" and enjoy!

Jeff Jolley
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital