Heavy Petting Zoo

The liner notes on this album read: "No thanx to MTV-Quit bugging us major labels-Quit bugging us commercial radio stations -Quit playing us. We've been doing just fine all these years with out you, so leave us the fuck alone! Assholes" Some might call it a lame attempt to seem hard-core and indie in a day of punk rock exploitation, but coming from NOFX I feel safe in saying that these feelings are genuine. After all the band has built a huge fan base and sold hundreds of thousands of albums with no help from the above mentioned entities. Why should they rely upon them now? Heavy Petting Zoo has the power to carry NOFX to new heights without unnecessary commercial hype. Simply put, it is a great CD. Those of you who are familiar with NOFX will recognize themes brought up on other albums. The opening cut, "Hobophobic" (Scared of bums) is based on an empathy for bums that has been seen in other cuts such as "Linoleum", the opening cut on Punk in Drublic. We also see a return of "Liza and her sexual life". And on "August 8Th", a very welcome slam on hippies (of course that was the day that Jerry Garcia died). "A beautiful day" in Fat Mike's eyes. However, don't assume that because there are reoccurring lyrical themes that the album is generic NOFX. They really have reached a new height musically, incorporating much more WAH peddle and instruments like the steel drum. El Heffe is quite possibly one of the most talented people in punk rock. If you are a NOFX fan, get this album you'll love it! And if you're not a NOFX fan, it's time you discovered a great punk rock band!

Wade Chamberlain
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