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Mr. Mirainga on MCA Records

Everything I hear about this band "Mr. Mirainga" tries to describe them as punk. I would like to shift that description to more of the geek-rock scene, just on the punkier end of that spectrum. I just want that out in the open, so that if you hear that they're punk, you don't run out and get it expecting Black Flag or the Circle Jerks or something.

The "geek-rock" title is not in any way meant to be a derogatory term. It's the hip new sub-genre in what was once classified as "alternative" music. I don't want to berate this too much, but when I listen to Mr. Mirainga, I hear quite a bit of Beck or Weezer.

Another reason I would rather not call Mr. Mirainga "punk" is that besides providing the sharper sounds on such tracks as "Burnin' Rubber" (on the "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" soundtrack), they offer a lot of diversity. "Saguarro's Cryin'", for example, is especially Latin sounding. Additionally, "Jalopeno Eyes" is nearly They Might Be Giants in its humor and "Grandma's Cookin'" is so strange, it's simply unclassifiable.

Although I find their first single, "Burnin' Rubber," quite pretentious and over-hyped, I really enjoyed their LP. Mr. Mirainga come across with a diversity that is not very common in the music scene today. Besides a few low points, such as "Loaded," I found several tracks quite listenable (those tracks would be all of those identified before this paragraph, plus "Ants and Bees"). If you really like Beck or some of the punk bands like SNFU, you will probably really like the CD "Mr. Mirainga" by the band of the same name. It is due out in January, 1996.

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital

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