Mojave 3

Ask me Tomorrow

With the death of the "shoe gazer" movement that dominated the British music scene in the early '90's came the end of some really great music. Most of the prevalent bands that headed the "shoegazer" movement ie. Ride, Pale Saints, Boo Radleys, and My Bloody Valentine, have either broken up, radically altered their style, or simply haven't released anything in a few years.

One of the best bands to emerge from the "Shoegazer" movement was Slowdive. But in mid '95 after the release of the beautifully minimalistic Pygmalion, Slowdive fell apart. However, a short time later three former members of Slowdive have resurfaced with a new name, a new sound, and a new record label. Mojave 3 is the name that Neal Halstead, Racheal Goswell, and Ian McCutcheon are going by now. And they signed a deal with the legendary 4AD.

Ask me Tomorrow is the first release from the trio. It is hauntingly refreshing. The layers of processed guitars and effects that were so much a part of the Slowdive sound have now given way to acoustic guitars, piano, cen way to acoustic guitars, piano, cello and other traditional instruments. The traditional instrumentation creates a pristine environment for the gorgeous harmonies of Goswell and Halstead.

The band's sound has been compared to a cross between Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star, primarily due to the slide guitar used in the opening track, and first single "Love Songs on The Radio". The rest of the album, however, has few similarities to the above mentioned artists. It does have a bold, stark beauty that will grab the attention of any fan of good music.

Wade Chamberlain
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital