Machines of Loving Grace


Machines of Loving Grace are a band I have always enjoyed, and this album is no exception. This is one of those albums that make you want to MOSH! It gives you an adrenaline rush. It's just great industrial music.

This album is a bit more experimental than MoLG's previous albums. They use some sounds and some techniques that they have never used before. In general, most of the songs on this album sound like their previous music, but played around with a little and enhanced. It's a great effect and I enjoy it better than the older stuff.

However, I'm not sure about the marketability of some of the music on this album. In stead of trying to sell a lot of records I think they just wanted to make great music that only music aficionados would enjoy. There are a couple of songs that could be played on the radio. I have heard "Richest Junkie Still Alive" many times on the local radio alterna-station. "Trust" could probably get some airplay, and "Suicide King" is a possibility. But don't expect any of these to become a top 40 hit.

One of the best songs on this album is "Solar Temple". It is what you might call "true industrial". It has some great effects and different, strange sounds mixed in with the music. "Twofold Godhead" is also good--written in 5/4 time which makes it sound much different from MoLG's regular sound. I like it because it IS different and it stands out. "Serpico", the last song on the album, is also quite a bit different from the rest of the album. It has more of a dark, gothic feel, and is made up of mostly just bass and vocals which have almost no melody.

I really enjoy this album more and more, every time I listen to it. It's pretty damn good. Go out and buy it the first chance you get!

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