"Life, Hey Mikey" 7"

My now here's a new sound for a band. Kind of a cross between Green Day, the 80's sound like the Knack, and the Clash. Well that's what the song "Life, Hey Mikey" sounds like, at least. No, not too original, but new is a hard thing to do now-a-days, punk-wise. From looking at the cover of the 7", it looks like a demented version of am ald Kiss album. The only difference is that Kiss never dressed up like a dog and two pieces of road kill.

Of course it doesn't get much better on the B side. They did a sped-up a cover of the Cheap Trick song "Surrender," which was a very poor version of the song. It makes me want to listen to Cheap Trick again and hear the original. The third and last song on this EP is a punk Toy Dolls-sounding version of "The Warrior," a cover of a song from Scandal. Well boys, the punk movement sure is coming back in style, but I don't know if it will produce many classics.

James Bonisteel
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital