"Silver Sweepstakes" on Alias Records

If you've become a little bored with SoCal punk or Seattle Grunge, take the middle road and enjoy the refreshing sound of "NoCal Angst." Knapsack's first fill-length release on Alias Records is energetic music with some powerful lyrics. Singer/songwriter Blair Shehan, who is as mild-mannered as they come, and his U.C. Davis friends unleash on "Silver Sweepstakes" with the tunes Cellophane and Trainwrecker, and don't let go at all. Knapsack leaves you yearning for more.

Unfortunately, they won't be going back into the studio for some time- probably not until this winter. Fortunately, they are touring the U.S. right now. This is a show you really should not miss, plus you can pick up their latest album at the show, as well as talk to them a bit.

Jeff Jolley
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