Johnny Mnemonic Soundtrack

The summer movie season has started, with its usual explosions, violence, and soundtrack releases. 'Johnny Mnemonic,' which most reviewers hated, is out in movie theatres across the nation. My roommate says the most memorable part of the movie is seeing Henry Rollins in his role as Spider. So we thought we would check out the soundtrack and see if it deserved panning.

Personally, I think the soundtrack sucks. They think that by putting on tracks by bands who sound punk, post-punk, a metal feel, it will lend a futuristic sound to the movie. Well, why choose old tracks then? There is a lot of good punk, post- punk, and very angry bands out there that make good music. Instead, they chose music that's been played before but isn't quite memorable. And why include Stabbing Westward (didn't they break up or end up rock hell?)? No one buys their albums anymore.

However, they did make some good choices by including KMFDM's 'Virus,' Cop Shoot Cop's '3 am Incident,' God Lives Underwater 'No More Love,' and Helmet 'Complete.' They even chose a song on which Henry Rollins actually sings instead of screaming. (Sorry, Henry, I did lust for you but my roomie compared you to Corey Feldman.) Those were good choices. Cop Shoot Cop, Helmet, and God Lives Underwater are 1995 releases. And it made me hungry to hear more of the full-length releases of CSC, H, and GLU.

Domi's suggestion - don't buy the soundtrack unless you buy it secondhand or get it for free. Get out and buy Cop Shoot Cop, Helmet, and God Lives Underwater new releases.

Su Chon
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