"All Smiles" on MCA Records

One of the least expected successes of 1995 has got be Grither's debut MCA EP, "All Smiles." This CD will really bring a smile to your face with catchy rhythms and driving melodies, highlighted with heavy guitars and strong lyrics. They sound a hell of a lot like The Replacements with a little Buffalo Tom sprinkled in. At times the slide away from their straight-forward sound to wax a little darker and Tool-like. (Actually, it's just that they slip into a minor refrain, but it always sounds cool to compare somebody to Tool.)

I think Grither is the undiscovered gem of the year. The best songs on "All Smiles" are "repetitive song of joy," "insomnia," and "dig it up." Other than the weak first song, "one piece missing," the only thing I didn't like about this five-song EP is that it is a little too short for a good taste of what Grither is all about. Check them out while they're still small and approachable, and definitely look for more from this trio in '96.

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital

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