Raise the Pressure

Sumner and Marrs are back and the result is as exciting as anything either of these men have ever been involved in. Quite a few of the tracks sound similar to The Smiths, others are like New Order, but that's just the beginning of the excellence of this CD. Electronic is built on collaboration, and this time they pull in Karl Bartos (formerly of Kraftwerk) and Denise Johnson (of Primal Scream). Also brought into the works are Ged Lynch, Danny Saber, and Guy Pratt.

Admittedly, "Raise the Pressure" could best be described as a CD of the eighties. The "electronic" sound of that decade pours through on this release. The best tracks on this CD are "Forbidden City" (presumably the first single), "Out of My League", and "How Long". Danceable and catchy, Electronic prove that the synth-pop era is not yet over. Hopefully this CD will encourage more electronic music, whether it be techno, acid, or synth.

Jeff Jolley
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