Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant of the late great Echo and the Bunnymen are back together after a drawn out spat and a series of solo projects. Ian's collaboration with The Smiths', Johnny Marr was plagued by freak accidents and tape disappearances which brought Ian and Will back together. The result is Electrafixion, a blend of 80's pop and 90's guitar powered alterna-rock. Ian says he's a huge fan of bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins--Les Paul's and Fender amps. Listen to "Feel My Pulse", the first song Ian and Will did after the Bunnymen, and you'll hear grunge's influence.

Most of the tracks are a spooky half and half blend of ringing new wave guitars and crunching, growling Nirvana sounds. The combination is especially audible on "Sister Pain" and "Timebomb."

Burned seems to be an attempt to appeal to the musical tastes of everyone in the "alternative music" realm, but it comes off very likable. There's something for everyone on this album. I have a feeling that hardcore Bunnymen fans will like this one most of all, basically because it's so much better than any of Ian McCulloch's solo material. It's great to hear these guys back together again.

Dave Robbins
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