Everything But the Girl

Amplified Heart

The radio stations, MTV, VH1, and the general public have finally caught on to Everything But the Girl's latest (1994) release of Amplified Heart. Everywhere I go, I hear the remixed and re-released version of "Missing" on Top 40, Adult Contemporary, those corporate video cable channels, and alternative stations. It's about time EBTG is finally getting some recognition.

EBTG has put out wonderful releases in the last ten years or so, but they have had a smaller following in the States. Hopefully, this album will get them the recognition they deserve. Amplified Heart is an acoustic album, with minimal instrumentation and beautiful vocals. Tracey Thorn's voice creates an air of sadness, longing, and regret that executes the lyrics of each song in perfect harmony. Most of the songs deal with relationships - their demise, the road to the demise, and regret at their failure.

Although Missing has been getting the most airplay (you've heard the dance remix and the techno remix), this whole album desee techno remix), this whole album deserves your full attention. Each song is well crafted, the lyrics ring true, and Tracey and Ben's vocals have a way of forcing you to stop and listen. They don't have to be loud; the seeming simplicity of this album makes it seem all the more attention grabbing. It's hard for me to choose the songs that I think are best, but the ones I enjoy most are Rollercoaster, Troubled Mind, I Don't Understand Anything, Get Me, and Disenchanted.

I had a hard time writing this review because I don't want to share this album with the teeming masses who only enjoy the hits on the charts. EBTG has been a fave of mine since the 80's, and it's difficult to share musically what people didn't recognize even then. However, I feel that EBTG deserves to be recognized and bought madly. If you enjoy this album, please check out their other releases which are also talented.

Su Chon
© 1996, Rational Alternative Digital