Pet Your Friends

This is an incredible CD. It's rare to find such original music and complexity of sound on a debut release. "Pet Your Friends" is definitely one of the pleasant surprises of 1996. Dishwalla combines powerful harmonic vocals (at times Pearl Jam-esque), driving rythms, and new-formed layers of guitar and synth into a highly acclaimed CD and a cult following. Best tracks include "Haze" (alluring, inventive), "Give" (simply the the most diverse track on the CD), and "Moisture" (driving). They are really starting toget a lot of "alternative" rock airplay (ironic, that in playing Dishwalla, the radio stations are actually living up to their "alternative" label), so it's likely that you've heard this band. No matter what, it's time to get more familiar with a band that's bound to be around for a long time to come.

Jeff Jolley
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