Julian Cope

20 Mothers

Here comes Julian Cope again dressed as a "Harbinger of Hope" amid these desperate times! As Julian himself says on the inner cover of the album, "20 Mothers" is a collection of "love songs, devotional songs, surrender songs -- things for anyone and everyone who can still feel something. . . " Much of the feeling on this album is very personal and even a bit self-indulgent -- traits which on past J. Cope endeavors did not mar the eccentric, hallucinatory childlike genius of Skellingtons or Peggy Suicide or the classic Fried. But something seems to be missing on this latest work. His continued tirade against politics, organized religion, and greedy people is by now tiresome to those who don't embrace the newer Julian Cope style of dogmatism and overt preachiness. Musically, there is much variation of rock and pop genres, yet nothing memorable, save perhaps the catchy single "Try Try Try."

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