Cocteau Twins

Milk and Kisses

Jeff Jolley

The Twins are back and in better shape than ever! One of my biggest complaints about their recent releases (HoLV and 4CC) are that the Cocteau standards were aparently breaking down. The music was getting heavier and heavier with stronger guitars (less processed, that is) and driving drums. Worst of all was the completely DECIPHERABLE lyrics from Liz. I was expecting their next album to have lyrics printed in the liner notes! All I can say is that "Milk and Kisses" is INCREDIBLE. You will find this release very similar to "Treasure" and "Blue Bell Knoll", floating, layered, and simply beautiful music. And Liz's indecipherable lyrics have once again become another musical instrument in this arrangement mastered by Robin Guthrie.

If you have kept up with the two EPs released prior to "Milk and Kisses", you've already heard versions of "Rilkean Heart", "Half-Gifts", "Seekers Who Are Lovers", and "Violaine". I have to give top notches on this CD to "Half-Gifts", "Calfskin Smack", and "Violaine"--they epitomize the sound of "Milk and Kisses". The one downer: isn't "Rilkean Heart" a knock-off of that old Coca-Cola commercial? You HAVE to hear it to believe it, and since it probably won't get much air time (like most of their earlier albums), pick "Milk and Kisses" up at your favorite record store--do it NOW!
Su Chon

I agree with Jeff, this Cocteau album is magnificently gorgeous. I did like HoLV and 4CC, butthis album shows the ephemeral quality the Twins have been famous for. But I think 4CC release was a precursor to "Milk and Kisses." This is the album we have all been waiting for. I know Jeff and I may be somewhat prejudiced in favor of the Twins over most other bands, butwhen May 14th arrives, I expect to see all of you purchasing this album.

The first track "Violane" bursts out, grabbing the listener by the ears. I felt like I was at a liveshow of the Twins as I dove into layers of melodies, guitars, and Liz's chameleon-esque voice. If you think the Twins are mellow, play the first track very loud and you will get an inkling ofwhat they are capable of. Then they weave this enchanting spell by slowing down the tempowith "serpentskirt" and Liz's siren voice binds you. Track 4 is "half-gifts" which uses the sametempo of a merry-go-round to create an interesting sound. Robin's talent is so evident by hisuse of the ordinary - wind, the merry-go-round tempo - to create music of extraordinary beauty. This album is not as dark as prior efforts, and hopefully Robin doesn't think it's shit.

I am a Twins fanatic! I love their music, even the albums that most hate, but this album isexquisite. The music rises, Liz's voice soars and dips, and I am in heaven.

The Twins deserve acclamation. Maybe this album will make it in the mainstream - I hope not because it would be like feeding pearls to swine. Please keep making this divine music if only for me (and Jeff). P.S. Benny, are you still playing with them?

Jeff Jolley and Su Chon
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