The Clouds


Not a bad CD if you're looking for more Verucca Salt. Now, I don't mean that in a 'bad' way. A lot of people really enjoy Verucca Salt. I think a lot of people will really like Clouds debut Elektra release 'Thunderhead.' Clouds actually knock out some pretty original songs, like 'Close my Eyes' and (my personal fav) 'Oooh.'

Let me diverge for a moment to note that they are an Australian band. The CD has Australian and U.S. addresses to contact them, but it's easier for people who read this to contact them at God, doesn't it seem like every band in the world has an aol email address?! But that's another divergence all together!

Not only do the Clouds present some pretty decent music (compared to a certain other band), they also have some deep lyrics. Looking at a few of the names of their songs, 'ghost of love returned,' 'baby,' 'expecting,' 'motherson,' you can begin to see a bit of a theme on 'Thunderhead' of motherhood and mothering. The Clouds take this theme to a 'universal' level, making the album well worth listening to a little closer than most music available today. 'Thunderhead' doesn't rock you out, but that's not the only reason to buy music, is it?

Jeff Jolley
A comment from a reader...
I liked the latest issue, except I think you were a bit harsh on the Clouds... if you can get a copy of "Cloud Factory" or "Penny Century" they are EXCELLENT!
ed: Thanks for your comments. We DID like this cd. The Clouds have a great sound. Check it out!

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