Black Grape

"It's Great When Your Straight...Yeah"

ATTENTION...ATTENTION: "Manchester Movement" fans rejoice! The movement has moved west and has seen reincarnation in the form of Black Grape (the reverend??? Sorry Su...)!

"Oh come all ye faithful" and hear: Shaun Ryder, former Happy Mondays frontman now leads Black Grape. The rhythmic and entrancing sounds of the former Manchester band becomes the aura of Shaun's current band. With soulful additions by rappers Kermit and Jed, and guitarist Wags, Black Grape reveals a sound that propels "It's Great..." to status of one of the 10 best of 1995.

This album is going to please a lot of people. The danceability and soulfulness of this album cannot be understated. "Reverend Black Grape," "In the Name of the Father", and "Yeah Yeah Brother" help this disc take you by storm. "It's Great..." pulls you onto the floor and shakes your ass around on pretty much all tracks. "It's a Big Day in the North" is so entirely funky, you will seriously melt.

Other cool facts about Black Grape's debut release? Gary Gannon of the Smiths comes in "to do a bit of guitar". Most importantly, Bez is still there to provide the vibe. Pick up this CD. If you ever listened to that Happy M. band, or enjoy the likes of the Beastie Boys, the Orb, or even James so-and- so, I think you'll really enjoy Black Grape, yeah.

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital