You've seen their bio, you've seen their interview, now check out their CD. Look for the single "Ex-Junkie" from Ajax where ever you buy your favorite CD's because Zoo Entertainment/BMG has begun distributing this CD in a major way. You can still find a sound byte of this song at RAD Interactive on the World Wide Web (http://www.radcyberzine.com).

The latest release of this single has seven remixes (Mitchel's blood and sweat...see interview) of this very catchy dance hit. The two mixes from the first single are tracks 1 (standard mix) and 7 (a cappella mix) In between are 5 brand new mixes, including a demo of the song. Now, some of your may have had your fill of CD singles and the fancy packaging of rehashed song, but this CD is worth picking up for the song itself, if you don't already have it, plus the ex-ploitation and sylvia plath mixes.

Awright, so I'm talking remixes, but you want to know about the song itself. It's very catchy. D/L the song clip. This is the same Ajax that released "Mind the Gap" in about 1990. This is the same Ajax that was on Wax Trax. They have their own record label, "Infinite Love" and are now being distributed by Zoo/BMG. Pick it up. If you like anything danceable, you cannot be disappointed.

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital
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