One of RAD's favorite bands, Ajax has finally released a terrific little EP called "Aphrodite." Not to say that "Ex- Junkie" was getting a little old, but it was great to hear a few more songs from this clearly talented duo. Let me first say that all five tracks on the CD are spectacular. You cannot go wrong with this CD.

That Ajax are no strangers to the production room really shows through on this release. This is a very clean and musically moving release. The members of Ajax have been around since 1989 although they haven't released 12 to 15 songs per year. When they're not performing Ajax stuff, they are doing a lot of musical work (see the interview in RAD Archives). Every song on "Aphrodite" is really powerful, but especially "Experience No 2," "Ex-Junkie-Trent Vedder mix" (yes THE Trent Vedder came into the studio to work with them on this one), and "Once in a While."

Aphrodite is "a collection of tracks that unfolds emotionally," according to lead singer Mitchel. "We're just trying to show there ar. "We're just trying to show there are layers to any given situation." The CD is really a progression, a musical tale that takes you through these situations. It finishes with "Once in a While," which is the best song on the CD and really makes you think about exactly what Mitchel is trying to say about layers in situations, time, and understanding. "Aphrodite" is a great EP.

Jeff Jolley
© 1995, Rational Alternative Digital