Concert review Clutch at the Roseland Theater in Portland April 25, 2015


Eric AveryClutch_2015


Portland came out in droves to come see Clutch and Mastodon and the Roseland theater, the first thing you noticed were how much black there were on everyone standing in line around the corner to see them. When I meant a line it went on around the corner with people begging tickets off other people. Portland love’s Clutch and they were there to prove it.

The opening band Big Business a two piece band really did a great job warming up the audience for what was to come next. For a local band they ended up bringing out a sound of more than two people to the stage.

Clutch came stomping on to the stage, drum’s thumping and started out with the song “Gravel Road” you could tell Portland were familiar with their music as you saw them instantly started start singing along.

Clutch put everything they had into the next song “Burning Beard” with the sound of thrashing bass and guitar, which sent everyone over the edge. Now this is how Clutch does it, they have a habit of building up their audience so that at the end you leave with the feeling you just saw the best damn show ever.
If you ever have a chance to see this band, do it! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

If you would like to see an interview RadCyberzine did with Clutch in their earlier days here is the link: Clutch Interview 1995