I'm with an independent band/record company/PR company. How do I submit my music to RAD Cyberzine for review?
Simply mail121112111211 the music with a bio, photo, other press, and as much information as you can to:
          RAD Cyberzine
          87836 Terrace View Drive
          Florence, OR 97439-9035

How can I contact people at RAD Cyberzine?
You can contact everyone at RAD by the Email121112111211 address Here's a list of commonly contacted people at RAD (our steady "staff"):
Jeff Jolley:
Su Chon:
James Bonisteel:
Johanna Bonisteel:
Dave Robbins:
Wade Chamberlain:
Carl Ottens:

What's RAD Cyberzine all about, anyway?
RAD Cyberzine (Rational Alternative Digital) started out as a small project by Jeff Jolley in 1993. He was heavily involved in various music discussion groups on the Net and also had contact with some bands. People wanted to know more about these bands, and RAD Cyberzine was born. As time went on, Jeff got in contact with more bands, so the magazine grew.

Very soon, the work got to be too much, so he started getting other people involved with RAD--people from school, from concerts he attended, and from record stores he frequented. Jeff was able to provide CDs to review, concerts to attend, and photo passes with bands. So a small, select group was organized to work on RAD Cyberzine--everyone volunteering their time and energy to the cause.

Years later, most of the writers with RAD Cyberzine have left school and entered the "real world" of work. Since RAD is a volunteer project (and free to you, I might note), it sometimes gets difficult to produce the magazine more than once a month. But it does get out. We have frequent reoganizations here at RAD, and hopefully we'll stay relatively efficient at what we do.

One of the exciting things about RAD is that it's a resource on the Net. You want to find an interview with a particular band? We probably have one. You want a photo or CD review? We have that, too. All of our work is exclusive, which means if you want to find a really cool photo, you'll find it here first.

How can I get involved with RAD?
First of all, read the above answer ("What's RAD all about"). Next realize that you'll be working for free, and we can't always coordinate with you due to our other jobs, but we'll do our best. We have worked with writers on both coasts of the U.S., and in Australia, so it can be done. Email121112111211 or for more details on getting involved. Let us know your taste in music and what you'd like to do with RAD.

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