RAD Cyberzine Personnel

Jeff Jolley
Our ubiquitous editor-in-chief disappeared for several months. While our staff waited for a ransom note from the Polish People's Evangelical Churches Liberation Front (the only terrorist group suspected of his possible abduction), sources across Europe reported him hitchhiking east while accompanied by a mysterious woman with beautiful eyes. His trail went cold, but according to our Asian colleagues he resurfaced in Nepal after a successful jaunt to Mt. Everest's summit. He is reported to have been seclusion with one of the great monks at a hidden location, but no one is sure. The only clue is that both he and his companion now sport shaved heads. He has returned to RAD, but now ponders all matters gravely with an air of cosmic satisfaction.

James Bonisteel
We discovered James after his stint with the FBI's Witness Protection Program for testifying against some major syndicated crime rackets. He accidentally came upon this program after receiving a dead fish in the mail121112111211. As a result, his career as Vinnie the Enforcer ended with a bang! From there, he decided to utilize this well-funded program to travel all the geographical regions of the United States in an executive Winnebago RV. Although he has served the FBI well, they are still trying to get him to tell them the exact location of the Jimmy Hoffa's body. James is holding out for a bigger favor - possibly tea and crumpets with Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother.
Wade Chamberlain
Wade came to us after his corporation, Boner Board Games, went defunct when the U.S. Supreme Court labeled his "Connect the G Spots" game pornographic. Not one to succumb to failure, Wade is making his comeback as the CEO of Hedonism Games, Inc. He's very excited about his latest project, "O.J. Simpson's How to Host a Murder." His advertising campaign has swept the nation, bumper stickers everywhere proclaiming, "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." The last we heard, he and Anna Nicole Smith were planning a whirlwind vacation in the Caribbean to spend some of her hard earned cash. Sounds like that G Spot game will come in handy.
Trixie Delight
After having spent 10 years as a carnival sideshow exotic dancer and a failed marriage to Marty the Macho Midget, Trixie has hung up her golden tassels for good. She cites artistic differences as the cause of her deteriorating professional and personal relationships (although Marty's misguided attempt at an affair with the Amazing Hermaphrodite who was attracted to the fact that Marty's length exceeded his height did not improve marital relations). We are lucky to have found Trixie while she was between gigs as a costume designer for celebrities making a comeback. She is currently working on the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan reunion show.
Known affectionately among her friends as "Dominatrix," Domi is constantly trying to wrest control of bigger companies from the corporate bourgeois which do not allow creative freedom for its employees. Often seen in black leather, her raids are quick and almost painless (many a rude CEO has felt the loving lash of her whip). In her spare time, she likes to freelance for this zine and initiate painful interviews which the bands seem to enjoy immensely. After meeting with Lady Galore, she has been in the process of organizing the Ultra Vixen Organization, a super secret power that will take over the world.
Josie Gurule
After a disastrous cruise in the Caribbean with Carnival Cruises, Josie resigned her job as Entertainment Director. Although she misses the opportunity of working with Englebert Humperdink, Wayne Newton, and Charo, she is looking forward to working with a more restrained group of entertainers and with RAD. Josie's interests include synchronized swimming, palm reading, Elvis impersonations, and herbal ecstasy multi-level marketing. She is also looking forward to starting her new band, Josie and the Pussycats.
Dave Robbins
After his financial success with infomercials, Dave has decided to move onto bigger and better pursuits - WORLD DOMINATION. He has produced a number of subliminal video and audio tapes that will impel you to donate money to his secret fund, without being traceable. Some subliminal messages have been inserted into many of the brain-numbing and mindless MTV videos played 24 hours a day. Several numbered Swiss bank accounts may belong to him and his organization, but then again, maybe they're not. He plans on taking over the Federal Reserve and World Bank within five years. In his spare time, he relaxes with the jet-set and continues on-going friendships with Jim Bakker, Leona Helmsley, and Michael Millken.
Squid has rejoined us for another year of publishing controversial articles. Having spent most of the summer in the ocean, Squid came back, only to announce her discovery of the exact coordinates of the resting place of Atlantis. Her thesis has become the most disputed, most discussed submission of the subject, and she has created schisms within the academic community. She has singlehandedly disrupted very university campus around the world. At the same time, believers are sending her funds to excavate Atlantis and bring back the knowledge that has been taken from our cultures for centuries. If you, too, are interested in tours, SQUID INC. will be scheduling tours for the 1996 vacation season. Contact your local travel agent.

UPDATED: 23 Feb 16:53 MDT 2007